Welcome to my website In Crescendo. IN Crescendo summarizes what I stand for: being in motion towards growth. Having a past as a musician, it needn’t surprise that my inspiration comes from the music!


I am here to help you and your organization.  My passion and strength lie in my resourcefulness to

activate and inspire people and teams, to achieve their objectives and overcome dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours.  I work with the individual, the team and the company, as a coach, as a trainer and as a consultant.


I do this through various learning interventions;


  • Personal coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Training

  • Consultancy


Intervision - an 'intercolleagial' learning method in a group of equals guided by a chairperson, focusing either on improving personal functioning of individuals or on improving treatment/care work.


Feel free to get to know me and my activities.